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Nachos | 11

add pork - 7 | chicken - 7| portobello - 5

House nachos, lettuce, tomato, black beans, jalapeños, red onion, sour cream,

house cheese sauce, house salsa


Pepper-Parm Calamari | 12

Hand dusted and flash fried, house made marinara


SRBR Flatbread | 13

Braised short rib, house bacon, cheddar jack, house ranch


Chicken Barbecue Flatbread |13

Grilled chicken, house barbecue, charred pineapple


Mushroom Flatbread | 12

Local mushrooms, herbed goat cheese, field greens, fig balsamic drizzle


Beer n’ Bacon Cheese Dip | 11

Bacon, cheddar, beer, served with toasted ciabatta


Babe’s Fries | 9

Add Pork 7 | Chicken 7

Hand cut daily, house bacon, cheddar jack, jalapeños, house ranch


*Sesame Seared Ahi Tuna | 13

Pickled ginger, house cucumber wasabi dressing


Local Spicy Sausage & Honey | 10

Local spicy sausage, clover honey


Crab Stuffed Shrimp | 10

Three gulf shrimp stuffed with lump crab


Chips & Dip | 7

House fried chips, accompanied by house sour cream and onion dip


Duck Wings| 15

Five, hand dusted and flash fried, black garlic butter, add a house wing sauce or Spicology dry rubs $.75 | add house blue cheese, house ranch, celery $.50 each.


Meat & Cheese Trencher | 20

Chef’s selection of local cured meats, local gourmet cheeses, and accompaniments


10 Smoked Wings | 11

House smoked wings with choice of sauce or Spicology dry rubs; add house blue cheese or house ranch and celery $.50 each. Add a house wing sauce or Spicology dry rubs $.75


We have something for everyone: from family time and single dinners to dates and girls' night, we have something for everyone.

Call us for reservations today!

Grilled food Grilled food


House Made Soups

Small Plates

Small - 6| Large - 9

Add Chicken 7 | Crab Cake 12 |

*8oz Sirloin 11 | *Grilled Organic Salmon 10 | Portobello 5


Grilled Romaine + Caesar

Parmesan, house croutons, house caesar dressing


House Salad

Field greens, local cherry tomatoes, cheddar cheese, hand cut fries, house balsamic vinaigrette dressing


Pear + Bacon Salad

Field greens, pear, house bacon, house pumpkin goddess dressing

Served with house chips, hand cut fries, beans, or coleslaw. Substitute any other side | 2


Crab Cake Sandwich | 19

Lump crab, lettuce, tomato, house tartar or cocktail, brioche


Pulled Pork Sandwich | 14

House smoked pork, cole slaw, Chef’s barbecue sauce, brioche


You make me Chuckle’s | 14

House smoked chicken, house bacon, mozzarella, house pesto mayo, ciabatta


Carolina Fried Chicken | 15

Herb marinated chicken, hand dusted and fried, house Carolina barbecue, garlic aioli, lettuce, tomato, brioche


Smoked Cubano | 16

House smoked chicken & pork, swiss, pickle chips, house mustard, schiacciata bread


Short Rib Cheesesteak| 15

Braised Short Rib, peppers, onions, provolone, house made marinara, Philly hoagie roll


Rachel | 14

House smoked turkey, swiss, coleslaw, house thousand island, marble rye toast


Babe’s plates are served with two sides. Substitute a small salad for one side | 2


Steak Toppers

Crumbled Blue Cheese|Black Garlic Butter | Sautéed Mushrooms & Onions | Smoked Butter


*The Butcher’s Cut

8 oz. Sirloin | 24

8 oz. Filet Mignon | 36

12 oz. NY Strip| 30

12 oz. Sous Vide Delmonico | 36

Chef’s Daily Cut | MP


Cherry Wood Smoked Ribs

Half 19 | Full 27

House smoked braised ribs, with house chipotle peach barbecue


Crab Cake Plate

Single 23 | Double 34

Lump crab, choice of drawn butter or house tartar


*Shane’s Organic Pork Chop | 27

12 oz. Tomahawk, grilled, Chef’s daily topper


Pretzel Chicken | 24

Two 6 oz grilled pretzel encrusted chicken breasts, beer cheese, house mustard


*All Natural Duck à l’orange | 32

Five hour sous vide Maple Leaf Farms white peking duck, house orange glaze


Daryl’s Smoked Organic Meatloaf | 27

Organic beef, charred veggies, smoked, topped with candied bacon, house barbecue

From the Grill & On the Bone

Served on brioche with house chips, hand cut fries, beans, or coleslaw

Substitute any other side | 2

Add a fried egg to any burger | 2

Add 8 oz. Burger | 7


The Burger | 14

Choice of cheese, lettuce, tomato, house garlic aioli


Kylie’s Bangin’ Burger | 17

House bacon, blue cheese, jalapeños, lettuce, tomato, red onion, house spicy mayo


BiggDogg’s Burger | 18

House smoked pulled pork, cheddar jack, hand tossed onion rings, house bourbon barbecue


Blue Moo Burger | 18

Braised short rib, fried egg, blue cheese, kimchi aioli


Bacon Burger | 17

House jalapeño bacon, cheddar jack, Babe’s special sauce

Grilled chicken or portobello mushroom available as substitution for organic beef.

*Organic Burgers, yum!

Daily Seafood Soup | cup 6 - bowl 12

Soup of the Day | cup 6 - bowl 12

Organic Chili| crock 7.5

Kinda a Smorgasbord Plate

All smorgasbord plates served with two sides. A small salad can be added for an upcharge.


No Substitutions!


Wowza | 35

House smoked pulled pork barbecue, local spicy sausage, half rack cherry wood smoked ribs


I Seafood I Eat It w/Chicken | 35

Five grilled tiger shrimp, *organic salmon topped with Chef’s daily topper, herb grilled chicken.


Trifecta | 35

House smoked pulled pork barbecue, smoked pulled chicken, *organic salmon topped with Chef’s daily topper.


When pigs fly!| 27

Half rack cherry wood smoked ribs, herb grilled chicken


Lightish Fare | 27

Five grilled tiger shrimp, *organic salmon topped with Chef’s daily topper


The Chicken’s | 27

House smoked pulled chicken, herb grilled chicken

Shrimp + Mussels Fra Diavolo | 23

Tiger shrimp, mussels, house spicy red sauce, angel hair pasta, served with a salad and garlic bread.

Add Crab Cake 12 | Grilled Organic Salmon 10



There will be a $2.00 split plate fee added for shared sandwiches and entrees.

*Consuming raw or undercooked meat, poultry, shellfish, or seafood may increase risk of food-borne illness*


Veggie of the Day | Hand Cut Fries | Yukon Gold Fingerling Potatoes | Confit Beets + Pine Nuts | Sautéed Brussels Sprouts | Coleslaw | Maple Baby Heirloom Carrots

Baked Beans | House Chips | Parmesan Herb Orzo | Baked Potato | Lollipop Kale - 3.5


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